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First offline P.E.rfect meeting

In the period 23-26 March 2023, in Dublin (Ireland) was held the first offline project meeting of an innovative action, aiming to empower sport experts in school system, working with kids and youngsters from the autistic spectrum.

An Autism and Behaviour Management training for P.E. school teachers is an Erasmus+ co-funded initiative (2022-2-IE01-KA220-SCH-000100336), aiming to influence on better inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders in schools and in sports also. By training P.E. teachers, this project will influence their key competencies for working with students with ASD and, training a group of P.E. teachers will have a big impact on other P.E. teachers in each partner country. This will have an impact on raising awareness for sports activities for people with autism in the EU.

P.E.rfect project main objectives are:

– To identify the gaps and map current good practices related to physical education of students with autism in primary schools;

– To develop a model blended training programme and materials for physical education teachers, providing them with skills to effectively support the inclusion of students with autism and also to effectively manage inappropriate student behaviour;

– To pilot-test the developed materials and training programme to physical education teachers of the partner countries, and evaluate their appropriateness and effectiveness, and their impact;

– To share the programme, tools and materials with stakeholders and make recommendations to national policymakers across Europe and the Balkans.

P.E.rfect expected results are:

1. The “P.E.rfect” Educational Package including a Curriculum, Handbook for physical education teachers and Toolkit, all interconnected.

2. An e-learning platform on which the outcomes of the initiative will be uploaded in order to be used by trainers that will train physical education teachers. The e-Learning platform will also work as an online open educational source for all interested parties.

3. A set of e-Learning courses, will provide training to trainers to gain the knowledge, skills, and competencies for training primary school, and physical education teachers, on evidence-based teaching approaches (based on ABA, TEACCH and sensory Integration) to guide and support children with autism and help them get integrated into the mainstream classroom.

4.18+5 trained trainers (3 from each country + minimum 5 at the local level), on how to train physical education school teachers through the use of the Educational package and the e-Learning platform

5. 30+5 primary school teachers (5 from each country + minimum 5 at the local level), trained by trainers on the Educational package and through the e-Learning platform

6. Multiplier events to promote the project, its intellectual outputs and its outcomes among trainers, mentors, academics, physical education teachers, individuals with ASD, their families and caretakers, organisations involved in ASD, researchers, policymakers and reformers and relevant stakeholders).

The P.E.rfect is an European cooperation of 7 countries, including the following partners: Institute for Studies in Social Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement, Ireland; Sina Svetulka, The Republic of North Macedonia; Vimodo ltd, Cyprus; Bulgarian Sports Development Association, Bulgaria; ACD La Hoya, Spain; Masarykova univerzita, Czech Republic; Szkola Podstawowa z Oddzialami Integracyjnymi, Poland.